Safety & Health Measures

Safety & Health Measures, Mirto Apartments: Afissos Pelion apartments studios kitchenette
Safety & Health Measures, Mirto Apartments: Afissos Pelion apartments studios kitchenette
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Dear customers,

Following the latest news related to covid 19, we would like to inform you about the measures we are taking to ensure health and safety in our apartments. We strictly carry out the cleaning of all hosting areas, carefully following the cleaning, hygiene and disinfection protocols. These protocols include:

  • Regular training of our staff in hygiene issues as well as staff supply with Personal Protective Equipment (gloves, masks, robe).
  • Cleaning and disinfection of apartments with specialized cleaners and steam cleaners where necessary.
  • Apparent placement of hand disinfection devices in public areas.
  • Frequent cleaning and washing of crowded places and frequently touched surfaces.
  • Disinfection of key cards and keys - their placement in a special container for disinfection.
  • Extension of checkout and check-in between stays (check out until 11.00 am and check in from 3.00 pm). This change in the time interval between each check in and check out is mandatory to ensure that between different customers the room is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, as well as that adequate natural ventilation of the space is followed.
  • Immediate response to emergency cleaning in case of impact.

Along with health protocols, adhering to certain rules on the part of all of us will enhance our better protection. More specifically, we ask our guests:

  • when using the yard to keep the necessary distance (1 and a half meter) from people belonging to another company.
  • to avoid overcrowding in public areas and during check-in / check -out / keeping distance.
  • to wear a mask in case of cough or sneezing.
  • to put antiseptic on their hands when entering and exiting the hostel.
  • to allow entrance to a friend or anyone who is not an official guest inside the yard only after contacting the receptionist.

In case of symptoms related to covid 19, Mirto Apartments informs the General Hospital of Volos at tel. 24210 94200 and the National Public Health Organization (EODY) at 1135 or 210 5212054 for further instructions. The nearest pharmacy is located in Kala Nera (2423022385).

As part of our commitment to the health and well-being of our guests, staff and society, we are closely monitoring developments regarding the new 2019 corona (covid19) with regular updates and guidance from the National Public Health Organization (EO). D.Y.) (, the Ministry of Health, as well as by additional governmental and European organizations.