Accommodation Regulations

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Our accommodation trying to operate properly and to inform our guests about their rights and obligations, has created an Accommodation Regulation with themes as follows:

Ø During the above hours, please do not use the common areas but also your stay as much as possible without the hassle and annoyance of the other tenants.
Ø For parents with children, we would particularly appreciate not staying on balconies or in the yard so as not to create the possibility of disturbance.

We especially appreciate the observance of the above rules and we wish you a beautiful stay and we will be by your side in any case to get the best impressions during your stay.

Pets are not allowed in our accommodation.

Smoking is not allowed inside the apartments.
Ø For the outdoor areas we have placed ashtrays on the common tables.

No parties / events are allowed on the part of our guests because there is no private space that can meet this need without disturbing the peace of the other tenants.
The yard is not allowed to be used by people who are not tenants of the accommodation
Exceptionally you can have visitors and due to the strict regulations from the health protocols you must have the approval of the address, so that their data are recorded according to the state instructions.

Please lock doors and windows when leaving the property. In no case do we accept any theft or loss of your personal belongings, of which we have not been informed in order to guide you on their safety and ways to avoid their loss. Nevertheless, our staff has been selected and signed a special confidentiality clause in order to maintain at least the security and confidentiality of the information you will provide us or your personal belongings.
Our accommodation ensures that it strictly adheres to the health protocols and has adjusted its operation according to the state instructions.
Bed linen change and a refreshing of the room are scheduled after 3-days stay. No one else is allowed in the room at that time other than our staff. If you need an emergency change please let us know. The cleaning lady comes between 10am and 3pm.
Ø If for any reason you do not wish the cleaning lady to enter your apartment, during your stay, please state it when booking or upon arrival.

Please do not allow large volumes of rubbish to accumulate in the apartments. You can throw them in the green trash which is located in the square, just opposite our hostel. There is also a blue recycling bin on the right, at the bottom of the square (20 m).

When you arrive at our hostel, you can ask us to open the iron sliding door at the main entrance, so that you can temporarily park your car inside our space and unload your personal belongings.
We will welcome you and give you the keys to our apartment and private parking located outside and to the left of the hostel to the inside of the village (50m) just after Hotel Alexandros.
You will see a large gray iron door with our sign. you will unlock the padlock and enter. It is a large space where you will not find it difficult to park.
Entry into the property is only permitted upon arrival and departure  for your convenience.

From the address of the accommodation
Sofiadi Minio