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Volos-Pelion, Mirto Apartments: Afissos Pelion apartments studios kitchenette
Volos-Pelion, Mirto Apartments: Afissos Pelion apartments studios kitchenette
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How to reach us


Volos is located nearly in the central of Greece, between Athens and Thessaloniki.


So this is the way someone can reach us, from the airports of Athens and Thesalloniki.


Moreover, there is Volos Airport  (VOL), which operates for 2022 with  flight charters from big cities like London, Dusseldorf, Stuttgard, Paris or Munich .


In addition s/one could land in Skiathos airport. Then he/she could reach a. Pelion by Water Taxi From Skiathos to Katigiorgi in 20 minutes b. Volos by conventional or highspeed Ferry (1h 25m – 2h 45m) .


Volos Center


Volos is a modern city of 100.000 inhabitants with a great road planning which helps visitors to easily find their way and not get lost.


It is really vivid since it has University and its hot spot is its pedestrianized beach. From one side there are restaurants, cafes, parks, playgrounds, green spaces, skate rings and from the other side there is the sea. Everyday you can see people jogging or just walking enoying the sun and the calmness of the scenery, children playing or running with their bicycles.


A visitor can really get anything he needs from Volos. There are big markets like Liddle, shops like Intersport, H&M, Benetton, bankspharmacieshospitalgas stations.



Along the beach there are the famous tsipouradika


Local restaurants where you don't order food but tsipuro !!!. Tsipuro is similar to raki and uzo.


So for example: for 2 persons you order 2 tsipoura ( 4cl for each person) and the cook offers you 3-4 different dishes with delicious food to accompany them.


You drink, discuss,drink, get happier from moment to moment and then you order 2 more tsipoura and 4 more different dishes, "mezedes" arrive. And this goes on.... till you feel like the happiest man/woman in the world...


mountain Pelion


Volos is built at the bottom of mountain Pelion. Pelion..... a Heaven in Earth....

• 1400m high
• divine nature which changes colours according to the season
• 24 villages / each one is a unique destination. Some are on the mountain, some by the sea
• Old mansions with traditional Pelion architechture, springs with crystal clear water, picturesque squares
• Museums, galleries, libraries, monasteries, music festivals
•  Vegetables and fruits with real smell and taste, traditional recipies like spetzofai, moussaka, spoon sweets,marmelades



Sea by both sides


If you take a look at the map on the right side of Pelion there is Aegean Sea and on the left the Pagasitic Golf.


Why is this important? Because it affects "swimming".


When the Aegean Sea is calm, it reminds me of " Blue Lagoon" the famous movie with Brook Shields and Kristofer Atkings which took place in a tropical island in South Pasific. Open sea with cold green turquaosse crystal clear water resemling a lake.......


But because of the winds at this side of Pelion many days there are waves, smaller or bigger analogically the speed of the winds ideal for adventourous types.


In the Pagasitic Gulf the sea is always calm so there no way of loosing any day for swimming. It is clean, warmer and it deepens gradually so it is ideal for erderly people and families with small children.


In both sides there are smaller or bigger beaches, organized with cafes and restaurants or not organised ones so one can choose the beaches that he/she prefers.


"What I usually advise my guests is to check the weather and visit Aegean when there is no wind. By this way they are sure they will enjoy swimming in these magnificent beaches".


What can I do in Volos and Pelion?


  • Swimming, relaxing in the beach, tasting delicious food
  •  Renting a small boat without a diploma for fishing or just visiting small beaches you can not approach by car
  •  Renting a 10m boat for a one day excursion to Skiathos or to Trikeri
  • Canyoning
  • Horse Riding
  • Wine Tasting
  •  Experiencing how people in the past moved from Volos to the Pelion by traveling with the legendary train "Moutzouris" from Ano Lechonia to Milies . Another one day excursion you cant miss!!!
  •  Collecting mushrooms
  •  Hiking
  •  Diving
  • Mountain Biking
  • Visiting archaeological sites
  • Skiing on the mountain or in the sea
  • Dancing in music festivals
  • Watching dreamy sunsets